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Our mission is to connect women with intellectual and developmental disabilities, developing their talents and gifts as they build life together.

What We Do

Building Community Within Our Community

What We Do
A special Needs adult designing a greeting card.

Share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

A special Needs adult designing a greeting card.

Develop God given talents and gifts.

A special Needs adult designing a greeting card.

Create handcrafted cards/gifts.

A special Needs adult designing a greeting card.

Participate in outreach services.


About Us

Mary Ciura and Kathy Ward, parents to women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, determined to create opportunities for social and spiritual connections began this ministry in 2020.  Uniquely His Ministries, a non-profit was formed. Our vision is to establish Christ-Centered homes for women with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Zandra Morris

These sweet girls made personalized cards for two different events, one set were for birthday packs for low income families and the other were prayer cards for a Ladies Retreat. Every person who has received them were touch by how they were specially designed for them. Each card is signed uniquely by one of these Ladies. 

Amy Graham

The cards I received were such a blessing. Every one was unique and beautifully made by these precious girls. I will be purchasing them in the future. Thank you for providing a place where they can shine and share their talents.

Suzy Barker

These handmade cards are so beautiful and precious made by precious hands. They send an extra special message and are a keepsake to anyone who receives them.

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I praise you for I am fearfully
and wonderfully made.
Psalm 139:14

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